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If you don't like fishing – or just want a day off – we have an impressive list of water-related sports and breath-taking activities. If you want to get wet and physical, maybe a day wind surfing or kite boarding will do the trick. Or maybe you’d like a closer look at the Sea of Cortez from the fish's perspective, either snorkeling or Scuba diving among them. Prefer boating? How about being the Captain of your own kayak skimming across a sea that behaves like a gently flowing river . . . even if you can't see the other bank. Maybe combine exercise and lots of water on a stand-up paddleboard. If you want something more challenging and physically-demanding, how pitting your surfing skills against some of the most famous shore breaks in Baja? Our Sea of Cortez has it all.

Scuba Diving

Diving East Cape's Cabo Pulmo

Regardless of your skill level, our dive tours will delight you. Most of dives are done in the Cabo Pulmo, the only live coral reef in the Sea of Cortez which is home to cave-dwelling groupers, wavy-winged mantas, enormous but docile whale sharks and dense swarms of reef fish. The diversity of the park’s dives can challenge even the most advanced divers. One thing is for sure, the amazement you will experience will rank this dive among the best you will ever do in your life time!

The certified PADI dive master tour guide and boat Captain will meet your group with equipment to whisk you off on a fast boat equipped with shade and cooler with ice for the dive of a lifetime. If you’re not Certified, our Dive Master can certify you during your stay.


East Cape beach tour to Iguana Beach in Cabo Pulmo

For non-Scuba divers, Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort offers an underwater world vibrant with marine life: countless colorful tropical fish, lobster, larger game fish, moray eels and maybe even a turtle. Beneath calm and warm waters, you'll enjoy a beautiful underwater world that Jacques Cousteau said was "The Aquarium of the World." Best of all, snorkeling requires no special training or expensive equipment. If you can swim and breathe through a tube, you’re all set to begin your first undersea adventure!

You can enjoy snorkeling right in front of the resort, or go on one of the different tours that we provide: To Bahía de Los Sueños, to a beautiful setting in a remote high-end community or to Iguana Beach at Cabo Pulmo, or just take one of our boats to Punta Pescadero. All are sure to make for a wonderful day.

Kite and Wind Surfing

Kite surfing in the winter at East Cape one more of the atractions

During the winter months, from mid-November through early-March, the north winds tend to howl down the Sea of Cortez creating ideal conditions for all the wind-driven sports. Kite boarders and wind surfers alike find the wind and water conditions at East Cape ideal; and they prove it by traveling from the four corners of the world to be here. The warm winds blow along the wide open, sandy beaches that frame the warm waters of Palmas Bay to provide safe and beautiful launching and landing areas. There are instructors as well as rental equipment available whether you’re a first time beginner or ranking professional who returns every year. They will cover any areas that you require – from safety, depowering, launching and landing, re-launching, and a safety release up and riding. The calendar may say winter, but it’s pretty warm here.

Kayak, Stand-Up Paddle and Surfing

Stand Up Paddle at East Cape is perfect at Bay of Palms

As one of the fastest growing water sport and with a bay as peaceful as our, it is the perfect match to offer Stand-up Paddle boards. For a peaceful morning of exercise and meditation, there is no better than paddling away on a SUP board. The same goes for Kayaking as it is a classic and splendid way explore the awe-inspiring Sea of Cortez along the picturesque coastline; take a look at local beaches at your own leisurely pace.

But if you’re a surfer, this is the perfect place to wait for the perfect wave. From surf breaks that are reachable by our fleet to other spots that are further closer to the tip. We provide you with the expert tour guides to show you unique surfing spots that dot our coastline all the way to Baja’s tip. All you will need is your expertise, At East Cape, it’s all good.

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