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The Sea of Cortez hosts a variety of marine life, ranging from the gargantuan Blue Whale to the tiny Sedna Nudibranch and everything in between, it’s all here! It's the reason Jacques Cousteau called it "the world's aquarium"

Spend time beneath the waves exploring the wonders of the sea, whether you are looking for an introduction to diving, becoming a certified diver or you are an experienced diver wishing to expand your SCUBA skills, Dive In Baja offers it all.

Dive In Baja is our resident SCUBA Diving and Snorkel team. Their SCUBA shack is conveniently located on the hotel’s beach front right in front of our restaurant, so you don’t have to even leave the hotel to organise a fantastic experience exploring the wonders of the sea.

Dive In Baja’s Master Diver, Simon Cazaly, PADI SCUBA Instructor (MSDT) has 18+ years of diving experience all over the world, including 4 years in the East Cape. Simon is a qualified Cabo Pulmo Marine Park Guide and is extremely knowledgeable about the other local dive sites too. He takes pride in delivering a safe and enjoyable underwater experience, and delights in sharing his passion for diving and the wonders the Sea of Cortez has to offer.

Simon will provide you with expert guidance and an enjoyable experience in our amazing underwater world. You can expect to see a dazzling array of fish and corals, you will probably see dolphins, turtles and whales, perhaps you may even be lucky enough to encounter a Tiger Shark.

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Courses and Tours

Very common to see a sea turtle in Cabo Pulmo

A Certified PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) instructor conducts a brief orientation followed by an underwater experience in a swimming pool.

PADI is the world’s leading SCUBA Diving Training Organisation; Dive In Baja offers PADI Certification courses for new and advanced divers. Utilising the PADI eLearning System, tuition is delivered online with Simon on hand to guide and support where needed. This can be done remotely and in your own time before you arrive in Baja, or while you are here structured alongside the open water dives needed to achieve certification. All pool instruction will take place at the impressive hotel pool, which was built with dive training in mind.

Tours are available to already certified divers at a variety of local sites including the impressive Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, which you cannot visit without a qualified Marine Park Guide so you will need to utilise the expertise of our Master Diver Simon. Cabo Pulmo was designated a National Marine Park in 1995 by the Mexican Government. Thanks to this protection and the support from local Mexican and American communities the park is now one of the most impressive sites in the world and not to be missed.

Discover Scuba Diving

An introduction to diving principles followed by up to an hour in our purpose built dive training pool getting used to breathing underwater and practising basic skills. Then it’s out to sea for an open water dive to really whet your appetite for more.

Dive in and get scuba certified - PADI Open Water Certification

This includes online tuition though the PADI eLearning system, with Simon on hand to guide and support where needed. This can be done remotely and in your own time before you arrive in Baja or structured alongside the open water dives. Working with Simon you will complete preliminary instruction in the pool before taking 4 open water dives over 2 days to achieve your certification.

Already half in the water - PADI Open Water Certification Referral

If you have already completed the PADI theory and pool work elsewhere, complete your certification open water dives with us in the blissfully warm Cortez waters.

Go a bit deeper – PADI Advanced Open Water Certification

Enhance your range of SCUBA skills through adventure dives and become an advanced diver. This includes online tuition though the PADI eLearning system, with Simon on hand to guide and support where needed. Followed by dive instruction in the specialist areas of; Deep Diving, Underwater Navigation, Boat Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Underwater Naturalist.

Immerse yourself in Baja - 2 tank tours for certified divers

Cabo Pulmo

There is a variety of sites to choose from at the Park, you will be sure to see vast schools of Big Eye Jacks, Yellow Snapper and Panamic Porkfish with Leopard Grouper congregating in their hundreds, along with all number of flourishing sea life to delight you.

Punta Pescadero

Never a disappointment, a vast site to explore with mesmerizing schools of pretty reef fish, Snappers and Groupers. Hard corals and sea fans make up the backdrop. Depths of 40’

El Cardonal

A shallow site offering a kaleidoscope of colour. Discover Parrotfish and Moray Eels hidden amidst the sparkling array of vibrant corals. Lots of macro life to see here too. Depths of 30'

Isla Cerralvo

The reef is a long bar with a steep drop off. Hidden treasures are everywhere for those that take the time to look, Stone Scorpion fish blend perfectly to their backdrops and Zebra Morays peak out from overhangs.

Punta Perico

A whole different world, with a terrain of big boulders it makes for interesting topography. Rock formations provide caves with swim-throughs and plenty of places to seek out the more allusive creatures. Depths of 70’+

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