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Kite & Wind Surfing

It was in the mid- to late-1980s – nearly 30 years ago – that our area in Baja was recognized as the perfect marriage of wind and water conditions for Wind Surfing. In the ensuing years, as the professionalism and interest in the sport grew, we literally became the Mecca of the sport. Today, Kite Surfer joined what windsurfers already knew, so enthusiasts of both sports from all corners of the world enjoy the thrill of it all. Mother Nature created the perfect late fall, winter and early spring destination – winds of 18-22 knots (called El Norte) and comfortable water temperatures.

Do it yourself

Kite and wind surfing at its best

As you walk the few steps from your room to the beach and Sea of Cortez, you’ll instantly recognize the phenomena of the East Cape’s predominant winter winds that make this a wind or kite surfer’s paradise. You’re on your own – just you, your board and the winds that make dreams come true. Indeed, the fall, winter and early spring El Norte winds are the end of all dreams for kite and wind surfers who skim the surface at remarkable speeds. If you’re into either kite or wind surfing, there are very few places on earth that can compare with our little corner of the world…the perfect marriage of wind, water and comfortable temperatures. Full equipment rental and service for the beginner, novice or long-time boarder. The winds will be here. All we need is you.

Getting started with Lessons

Professional instructors for your convenience.

With near constant winds, Wind and Kite Surfers skim beneath cloudless skies forever and ever and ever. Are you at Languedoc Roussillon in the South of France or perhaps Porto Pollo in Sardinia, Italy? Neither! You’ll be a short, inexpensive flight from home at Baja Mexico’s East Cape. First, visit our nearby friends and associates in Los Barriles at ExotiKite Kitebording School and Store for a comprehensive look at everything we offer: lessons, location, tools of the trade, sales, rentals and everything that goes with it. You will find wide open beaches lining the turquoise waters of the Bay of Palms offering safe and beautiful launching and landing areas. From beginner to advanced, lessons are designed to fit your Kite Boarding skill level. Couple that with expert professional, knowledgeable instructors and modern, first-rate equipment and you’ll be in for the ride of your life!


Winter prevailing North-wind make for top conditions for kite and windsurfing

Wind Surfing and Kite Surfing are the very best in Baja for a very simple reason: We’ve got the winds! El Norte, the northern wind that whistles down the Sea of Cortez, is generally associated with a high pressure system throughout the southwestern U.S. (It is also the cause of the infamous Santa Ana winds of Southern California.) In particular, the air flows down through the Imperial Valleys of California and Mexico into the Sea of Cortez, where it is funneled for almost a thousand miles. Because of the consistent wind patterns, you can plan your Wind or Kite surfing vacation with virtual absolute certainty!

As for water temperatures, they will vary, of course. If water temperatures are that critical, your best bet is to check Ocean Temperatures from the Weather Underground for the most up-to-date conditions

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