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Our Area

Location Map Aerial picture of Bay of Palms, looking to the South

Situated on the western edge of the crystalline-blue Sea of Cortez and overlooking its natural marine beauty, Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort is located less than an hour's drive (35 miles north) of Los Cabos International Airport, and 65 miles from Cabo San Lucas. For those wishing to fly into La Paz International Airport and then enjoy a combination of mountain and coastal scenery, the resort is a comfortable drive of 65 miles southeast from La Paz, the capitol of Baja California Sur.

Our region, nestled in the beautiful Bay of Palms, is commonly called the East Cape and was one of the first visited and explored coastal areas in lower Baja. While boasting modern resort accommodations and a wide range of tourist comforts, the East Cape still reflects the quiet, laid-back lifestyle of Old Mexico, lending an easy-going backdrop to the many exciting activities available.

Getting Here

Transportation services provided by the hotel vans

Numerous commercial airlines and air-charter services offer wide-ranging flight schedules direct from all major cities in the United States and Canada. Give us a call and we will help you locate the closest airport to your city. San Jose del Cabo Airport (SJD) also offers all services necessary for your private plane. For your convenience, let our professional drivers pick you up as you exit your airport gate. Or Los Cabos is served by all major rental car companies and if you plan to explore our area, we recommend that you reserve a vehicle in advance of your trip.

You might want to experience the scenic two-day drive from the U.S. border down Mex 1-the Baja Transpeninsular Highway-to reach our “Jewel of the East Cape.” If you are navigating our Sea of Cortez waters in your own boat, we can provide you with a comfortable anchorage with all services: fueling, water and mooring. Just give us a call for more information.


We suggest you ask your car rental agency for a map to use as a visual with these directions. When exiting the airport, turn right to get onto Highway 1 by way of the overpass that says "La Paz" and head north. The scenic drive will take about 45 to 50 minutes. Once you see the Sea of Cortez on your right, you’ll know you are almost here!

Note the kilometer markers along the way. They are posted either on the ground or painted on posts and the numbers will count up as you get closer. Hotel Buena Vista is at Km 105, and as you get closer (about 10 minutes away) note the Arroyo Bridge and sign on the right for Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. You’ll know you are here when you see the KM 105 marker and a long, dirt turn-out on the right side of the Highway as you come around a corner, just before our resort’s sign on the rock wall. Simply turn off and follow the road (about 1 minute) through our “Welcome” arches to the hotel lobby.

Travel Tips

What to bring and not bring

If you have already made reservations with us, then you will receive a detailed document called HOTEL AND TRAVEL “THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW”. Print it out can have it handy while you are traveling, it’s designed for “first-timers” but has a lot of useful information in it. If you are still researching a possible stay with us, here are a few brief but very important items to consider that will help you save some time and money anytime you travel in Mexico.

The Internet is your friend

All airline carriers have weight, baggage and other limitations; please check with your carrier regarding their policies and don’t forget to check your mobile device carriers as well. There are also regulations regarding what can and cannot be brought into and out of Mexico. A quick Internet search will turn up several good sites that will help insure you arrive and depart with all of your possessions and no extra charges.

Customs, Duties and Taxes

The “General Rules” in the Field Foreign Trade (Customs) in particular Rule 3.2.3. Fraction III states that you are allowed to bring in the following without paying additional duties and taxes:

"Two personal sports equipment, four fishing rods, three sliders with or without sails and their accessories, trophies or awards, provided they can be common and normally transported by the passenger. A fixed treadmill and a stationary bike. "

In other words, you can bring in--Two personal sport articles that can be normally transported by one person such as a wind surf with or without sail and four fishing rods with their respective accessories (4 reels) per person. Anything more than four rods/reels and you will be charged extra duty taxes. Questions? Just give us a call!

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