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Restaurant & Bars

El Navegante Restaurant

Ocean front terrace, beautiful setting to dine

El Navegante our spacious terrace and shimmering Sea of Cortez. Our kitchen is under the direction of a professionally-trained chef, with restaurant service designed to meet the needs of early morning fishermen and late night diners [see hours below].

Our menu still reflects Doña Rafaela’s touch…traditional recipes from Northwest Mexico, as well as the challenge of our South of Mexico chef as he surprises you with some of his recipes on the menu, such as cream of huitlacoche sauce Chile relleno. Whatever you choose, it will be exquisitely prepared for you. Meals are served either in the El Navegante Dining Room or outdoors, on our oceanfront terrace.

El Pescador Bar

A calm evening, before happy hour

El Pescador Bar, adjacent to El Navegante Dining Room. Pause to sip something cool – we recommend a memorable margarita – meet old and new friends. This is the perfect setting to cool off with a refreshing drink in an air conditioned setting. Play pool or ping pong, or if you need to be connected back home, this is the place to be! Enjoy the news, sports or special events on a big screen TV or check your internet messages on our computer or use our free Wi-Fi internet service.

If you get lucky, you should request that your day’s catch be prepared as sashimi, Mexican ceviche or carpaccio (hot Serrano chile on top of a thin slice of fish, slightly soaked in sesame oil and soy sauce), and request it to be ready by 6:30 p.m. at El Pescador. Then, sit back and just enjoy your good fortune!

Palapa Swim-up Bar

A great social hub

Our poolside swim-up bar is legendary for initiating friendships that last forever; many of the stories that unfold about our piece of paradise are revealed. A suggestion: Don’t believe them all! The palapa-roofed bar is perfect for friends to spend time in the pool or in the shade. Enjoy drinks and talk fishing with you in the pool and them on the dry side, or vice-versa . . . a good link for wet and dry people; bar stools on both sides, of course.

The perfect end to a day, whether fishing, diving or just relaxing, is to enjoy a nice cold drink under the palapa-roofed bar. If hungry, order some of our famous Hotel Buena Vista nachos, or our traditional fish tacos or many of the other options we offer to satisfy your mid-afternoon cravings.

Grounds and Terrace

Extensive Terrace area beautiful

It’s hard to imagine a tropical oasis at the edge of a desert, but that’s what you’ll find.

The grounds are a harmony of tropical plants and trees including coco palms; there are lush lawns, broad leaf plants and picturesque cactus thriving in the warm Baja sun. It all reflects the years of constant supervision by Sra Imelda Valdez, who carefully handpicked many of the plants and trees that have grown to maturity.

The terrace surrounding the dining room and bar is designed to provide unobstructed views of the hills behind the village as well as the expanse of water stretching to the eastern horizon, the Sea of Cortez. Enjoy your cup of coffee while admiring the collage of oranges as the sun rises from beneath our ocean. Each morning you are with us, the sunrise will amaze you with different colors that paint the sky.

Food and Service

East Cape lunch date

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort offers a variety of dining choices, all prepared and served by our professionally trained chef and staff. It’s no wonders that local residents and homeowners from nearby communities choose us to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other occasions. The water from our hot springs plays a vital role in the ingredients of our recipes; as the local theory goes, “it’s the water that makes such delicious soups.” From the simple cocina fare of a home kitchen to more exotic international cuisine, we make good on our promise.

We suggest that our anglers bring their daily catch to our kitchen, and many have commented that the fresh catch is what makes our dining experience so distinguished. We give all the credit to the fishermen. Their fresh catch makes the entree delicious! As the best chef in the world would say, “It is the ingredients that makes the cooking, not the cook!”

American and European Plan

It is the freshness that makes it special

Regardless of the plan you choose, our food is world-class and plentiful. While the majority of guests choose the American plan – three meals a day – we also offer a pay-as-you-go European plan. If you choose the popular American plan, you will order off the menu at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You also have the included option of a picnic lunch for your fishing trips or tours. If you are in the European plan you will have the option of choosing each item off the menu.

Restaurant Hours

  • 6:15 a.m. Fishermen’s Buffet
  • 6:15-11 a.m. Breakfast Menu
  • 12:30-3:30 p.m. Terrace is Open for Luncheon
  • 7-9 p.m. Dinner on the Terrace or Indoors

"Theme Night" or "A la Carte" Evening

A Mexican Night with mariachis and folkloric ballet

Dinner may be ala carte or a special themed buffet featuring seafood, carne asada or other South-of-the-Border recipe handed down generation-to-generation by the Valdez Family. For lucky anglers, the day’s catch is prepared to order . . . from deliciously marinated ceviche to luscious and healthy grilled or sautéed specialties, with an emphasis on our unique Baja style and sauces.

Menus: click below to download our menu and pick what you would be trying in your trip. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

Download our menu as a pdf file

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