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September 2014

Here at Buenavista Beach Resort we still embraces the same philosophy that continues to sets us apart from other resorts in the area, “You come as a guest, you are treated as a friend and you leave as a part of our family”. Your testimonies are a testament that and we appreciate you sharing your stories with us. Below are a few we’ve received from guests that stayed with us during the recent hurricane.

William and I would like to thank you and your crew (family) at the Buena Vista for taking such good care us during and after Hurricane Odile. We appreciated you keeping the Hotel open and providing services at a minimal cost to us even though you and your employees were faced with dealing with damage at the hotel and in your homes. We all appreciated Esaul’s “situation” updates, too. Your advice to go to the airport on Friday Morning after the bridge crossing was repaired was right on. We were all quickly evacuated to the US that day, some to LA and some to Phoenix. Alaska got us home to Portland by early evening. Doug had to ford the river on Thursday but made it home by early morning on Friday. The evacuation process went pretty smoothly but we did take some guff from security personnel at the airport for being evacuated with fishing tubes and coolers full of fish!

We arrived home to family and friends that have been watching the coverage of the extensive Cabo and San Jose storm damage on the news. They had been worrying about our personal safety and when we would be able to get back to the US. The news reported the thousands of tourists and local residents in shelters. No food/water/electricity/ telephone, looting, etc. So there were many questions on how bad it was and what we had experienced during and after the storm before our evacuation.

So our story goes a little differently: We actually fished a 1/2 day on Sunday before Odile hit that night! It was a bad storm but weakened a bit as it made landfall and the eye missed us a little to the west. The storm caused a lot of local damage in East Cape and knocked out power and telephone. The Buena Vista back-up generator had the hotel back up and running quickly. Water was not an issue due to the private geothermal well at the resort. The restaurant was serving meals immediately after the storm passed in a dark kitchen with flashlights. I don’t think we missed a meal! We had power 10 hours a day and the cell phones and internet worked off and on so we could let our families know we were OK. We couldn’t get to San Jose with the roads out so we were fishing again by Wednesday! We got in two more days of fishing before we were evacuated on Friday. You processed our fish, kept it nicely frozen, and it arrived home in great shape. So after our story no one is feeling very sorry for us! Odile hit East Cape on William’s 14th birthday so that will be one he remembers! We got to know the other guests at the hotel that week and had some nice “family” meals together. Thank you once again for taking care of us and your wonderful hospitality.”

Mark and William Bradley

I add my sincere thanks to the Valdez family and to the entire staff. We are grateful for the wonderful attention of all, and especial thanks to Elizabeth, who spent so many hours worrying about our every need, and Abraham and Max, our drivers.

Abraham worked a true miracle on Thursday not only in finally getting the three of us venturers (Sylvia and Joe) that day across the river when it became clear that the repair would not be done in time, see photo #1 – and in lining us up with an unbelievable ride to the airport. As many may have heard the story, we were ferried across the river literally hanging onto the sides of a front end loader. See photo #2. Abraham then made arrangements on the other side for us to get a ride in an air conditioned SUV to the airport. (The airport on Thursday was another story!)

The ride was provided by the federal Minister of Communications & Transportation, who was at the bridge collapse site personally seeing to it that the work was being done correctly. We were told by his driver that President Peña Nieto had dispatched the Minster to Cabo to personally ensure that roads, power and communications are restored and that travelers are safely transported.”

Doug Parker

Hello to all. Thanks to all your staff for help during the two days after the storm. Special thanks to Elizabeth, who was wonderful amidst the worst of times. Also to driver, Max.

We got on ferry to Topolobampo, arriving about 9. Big delay getting bags and cab, due to military taking over the ferry for return to Baja. Stayed night in Los Mochis, then drove yesterday to Mazatlan. Flew this am to Mexico City, and in a little while on to LA. Juan and Eric are with us, and now all good friends. Thanks for your courtesies. Best regards.”


April 2014

We stayed at the resort the first week of April, 2014 and had a great time. It has laid-back, very relaxing atmosphere, but has great service and amenities. The staff does everything to make your visit perfect. Set on a hillside right on the beach; the location is perfect. Mature landscaping of palm trees, grass, shrubbery including bougainvillea, and pathways wind their way all over the property. The dining room offers an excellent selection each day and everything tasted super. Each room has a patio area with table and chairs and ours also had a hammock strung between 2 palms. We fished for 2 days and caught and released 3 marlin and one needle fish. The captain and crew were fantastic and flew into action at each hook up. A great place for a family or anyone seeking a real taste of Baja.

Doyle & Dotty Patterson

February 2014

Gracias to the Hotel Buenavista what a perfect and wonderful spot to celebrate our 50th anniversary with our family. from the planning stages, the staff was so supportive and helpful,especialy hortencia with her kindness and good ideas. the food was delicious, the music delightful and the manner in which the tables were placed, with the white coverings on the chairs.What a memorable occasion - thank you to everyone.

Gene Abrams & Alexandra Delis-Abrams

July, 2013


Everyone had an absolutely fantastic time.Something to interest everyone . . . the beach, snorkeling, having the flexibility of the a rental car, the pool, volleyball, ping pong, food, and the fishing! Oh my gosh on the fishing;It was fantastic, best ever we were the group on the "flags are flyin" picture that showed up in the EastCapeFishing website.That day alone we caught 11 marlins on the Tres Hermanos. That day my familiy with kids was on the boat,It was amazing at one point we hooked 3 marlin at once, and landed all three.My daughter landed a 46# Dorado, and everyone who fished caught at least one marlin.Total Marlin for the week were 29, and the one we fished tuna we caught around 20.It was absolutely amazing The staff, lodge, the weather (cooler this year) was just perfect.Even the airlines were on time. We are definitely coming back next year, with the family again. Please share this note with the team and staff, especially big thank you to Ramon and Teo - amazing, hard working guides. Mary Gollhardt Santa Monica,CA


To Felipe Valdez:

I had a member from my fishing club ask, "Kelly where is the best place to take my family on vacation and do a little fishing?" My reply was easy, I asked, "Would you like a little sun, some of the finest food around, meet some of the nicest people, relax by a pool with a swim-up bar and be on the best fishing grounds in the world? I have just the place for you; Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort in Mexico.”

The Harting family booked their trip with Hortencia who helped them with everything. They were there from the end of March to April 4, 2013. They returned a little tanner then they left and told me about one of the best vacations they had ever experienced. They snorkeled out front of the resort the kids, told me they saw all kinds of tropical fish, played volleyball in the pool, went out fishing on the Sea of Cortez and each caught a 30-plus-pound dorado. Dad hooked up with a big stripe marlin. They saw flying fish for the first time while the manta rays also put on a show for them. They told me they had excellent meals and excellent service. They really bragged about Elizabeth in the office, who catered to all their needs. She arranged for them to try the zip line, got a van for them to go to Los Barriles to shop and made them feel like home.

Now if I could just take my own advice and vacation to one of the most beautiful places I've ever been...Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort.

A big “Thank You” to all your staff including your mom, Doña Valdez, who got them coffee in the morning and made their stay a memorable one. Kelly Corcoran Boston Harbor, WA.

September, 2012

On Sept. 27 Don, Corbin, Matt and John arrived at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort to fish. “Unfortunately on our first day of fishing, Sept 28 it rained so Felipe had to cancel all fishing for the day! But Saturday and Sunday our party of four energized fishermen hooked and landed 7 pacific sailfish, 1 striped marlin and 4 dorado. A trip of a lifetime. Thank you Hotel Buena Vista and Felipe! Kudos to Captain Vicente and Marcos who were able released 6 pacific sailfish to fight another day!”

September, 2012

It's always nice to hear what folks thought of their stay here with us. Here's are just a few of the "Thank Yous" we received via emails.

Little things mean a lot! Just want to write you and to say thanks (gracias) for the hospitality of you and your staff. Phil Young, Mike Gibson, and the brothers Coles. Phil Young

Thanks - Had a great time! My first marlin ever!! Not a huge one but a trophy in my book!!! Brad Hansel

Thanks for a great time last week. Nancy & I had so much fun doing nothing; we enjoyed the food & the swim up bar. The food was some of the best we have ever had & the staff was over the top - just great people. We are already talking about a trip next year. Thanks Rick & Nancy Davis

August, 2012

Our good friend Mr. Dave Alcorn celebrated his 50th birthday with us and shared a few thoughts from his most recent stay.

Gosh, I feel like I’m writing to my family. I have been visiting The Spa since the early 1990's when Don Chuy invited some high school students from El Norte to visit their sister city in Baja. I was lucky to come then. So many changes have happened since. Gone are the horse stables and the two shower faucets actually give different temperature water. The beautiful view at dinner remains as does the quality menu. This oasis of the East Cape has kept service and hospitality as their primary objective. Their ability to remain so consistent over my 20 year experience amazes me. I know that no matter the turmoil in my life, i can be allowed to escape most of it in Buena Vista.

The particular summer I must thank many of you by name because I was treated with great kindness. Morning/lunch meal service staff: Leticia and Esperanza you made sure the early guy with just a book and no fishing rod had plenty of coffee while he waited for the rest of his group to wake. Evening meal service: Martin and Jesus (chuyito): gentlemen your patience and sense of humor made dinner with a three-year-old tolerable. The bar staff: Ricardo, El Viejo, you've been there since my first trip. Ramiro: your patience with the crazy ping-pongers who don’t even keep score is appreciated. Manuel: El Bambino in this Group, you keep Jackie smiling (the 3-year old). I have to give a special thanks to hotel Spa's three graces: Hortencia, as always you steal my heart. Elizabeth, Labonita if you are the future, the spa has no problems. The new addition of Robin Wade as a liaison between the resort the media world. Her knowledge about the local action was enlightening. There is so much more to say about those behind the scenes. All come together to make a paradise in the desert. I’ll see you all in April. Dave Alcorn

May, 2012

John Manfredi with his rooster fish

John Manfredi, along with his lovely wife Jean sent this testimonial to us regarding their recent spring stay here at the resort. It was a pleasure having them as our guests

People ask me why I travel all the way across the country to go the Baja when there are so many nice places to go on the East Coast. And I tell them, that I have been all over the Caribbean Islands and even own a nice home in Florida. But for me, my idea of paradise is here at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort.

For the price and the beauty of it there is no place else I would rather be for tranquility, beauty and the water. I am sitting here right now having lunch on the patio looking out on the Sea of Cortez and I’m maybe 100 feet from the water. The sea is calm and it’s a beautiful spring day.

The resort was built many years ago on a hot springs with minerals and this is a bonus. We have stayed at some regular health spas and I can tell you that the hot springs here is the real deal.

The water in the pool, in the hot tub and even the water you shower with all come from the mineral springs. If you can come down here, even for a short stay, your skin will feel the difference.

For me, I have arthritis and staying in the pool and in the hot tub have just been terrific. And for the women: the water beautifies the skin. It may not make you look 20 years younger but if you stay for a week or so, you will feel the difference.

They have beautiful cuisine that includes both Mexican and American food and both are good.

For me, what I enjoy is getting up and going fishing. For fishermen this IS a paradise. I usually come in May and here’s what I’ve caught then. On this trip I’ve caught a 180-pound, a 170-pound striped marlin and released several others since you can only take so much meat back. You bring your fish in and they are there waiting for you. They take the fish fillet, freeze, package it and freeze it for you so it’s ready to be brought home. They will also prepare some of it for dinner for you.

Other days, I have gone out and caught roosterfish, a fish indigenous to the area this time of year and also not found where I come from. If you’re a fisherman, you have to catch one! I also caught dorado and on previous trips I’ve caught sailfish and tuna in the month of May. That variety of fish is very difficult to get anywhere else in the month of May.

When you come in from the boat, you head to the pool to cool off and relax. You swim up to the bar and sit down while people on the other side also have a drink.

My wife doesn’t join me on the boat. But she loves the tranquility and when not in the pool she sits in a lounge chair in a cabana on the beach. If you like to walk on the beach a little, that’s fine but you have about 100 miles of white, clean beaches to the left and to the right of the resort, with hardly anyone on it. That’s how peaceful it is here.

Summing it up; between the economical value of what you get for your dollar here and the beauty here, I will say again. I have found my paradise.

If you have a place that you think is better, contact me through the resort and I will go there if you come here for the same amount of time. And I guarantee you will find the paradise that I have.

November 23th, 2011

Friends of Kelly Corcoran

Hola Felipe,

Just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of my four amigos that i sent your way over the week. When I asked if it was every thing they expected there answer was " Yes and much more" Felipe, they told me you came over and visited with them for 15 minutes they felt special and well taken care of.

A BIG THANKS TO Jesus and Patricia in the kitchen they were very impressed with these two for there dedication to making sure everything was bueno.

Thanks also for putting them on the Alegria they loved captain Juan and deck hand Alex. This group is telling everyone about the Hotel the fishing the food and are already making plans with me to hook em up again for next year same time.

Thanks for everything Felipe.

Tournament Director Kelly Corcoran a.k.a SeaDog

November 11th, 2011

Hortencia and Axel, Just a note to let you know what a great time we all had. Thanx to you two and the entire staff. All was perfect and everyone caught a big fish except me. That is fine though. I feel I am like a host and always want them to catch one first. Next year will be my year. Thanx again for everything. It all went perfect. There is talk among us to consider June next time. Vamos a Ver. Thanx again, Don ANA '68

July 25th, 2011

Dear Sra. Hortencia:

I want to thank you and your staff for your outstanding treatment and service to me and my guests on our recent fishing trip to Cabo. They were all very impressed and had a wonderful time. They have all expressed a desire to come back next year. As for me, I wat to thank you for the special attention you showed me on my birthday.

Also, I would like to give you tentative dates for next year; they are July 15 arrival and leaving on Thursday, July 19th. With this in mind, please reserve five (5) premium rooms but we should keep in touch sometime around the first of the new year.

Thank you again for all you did to make our trip a wonderful experience. I look forward to hearing from you.


Othon Garcia

July 5th, 2011

Dear Hortensia, Felipe and Axel,

I have been wanting to send you this note for several weeks but keep forgetting to. I just received your newsletter and this reminded me that I needed to write you. I hope that you are all well and enjoying the hot weather.

I just want to write about our vacation to your hotel this past April. We all had the most amazing time! It only seems to get better each year. It is hard to believe that this was our 5th time staying at The Hotel Buenavista. You went out of your way to accommodate us and made our stay very comfortable. Thank you for that.

We loved seeing all the familiar faces of your staff again. They always make us feel like we are old friends and that really makes us feel so special. Your new chef (I'm sorry, I forget his name) was very good. We really loved all the dishes he prepared and I especially liked all the different desserts he served after dinner.

Our favorite meal was the night he prepared the fish we caught. The fish was cooked to perfection! Also, the carne asada night you had for us when we arrived, was delicious! Speaking of the fish we caught, we had such a wonderful time fishing, snorkeling and kayaking that day, what an unbelievable day at sea.

Thank you again for lining up the ATV's for us, Felipe. We had no problems with any of the bikes and we had so much fun riding. Manuel's singing and guitar playing was very special. Please thank him again for doing that. And let him know that we will be expecting him to sing to us again next year.. ;)

We made some new friends this year, George and Molly Bishop. Danny and I will actually be meeting them in Punta Abreojos next month. Karl and his wife, Liz and their kids, also had such a great time. As well as our friends, Billy and Hollie Grisham. I can already tell you that we all plan on returning again next year and we have already recruited a few others that wish to join us also. So perhaps next year, we will see a "Welcome, San Pedro Bait Co." sign when we arrive. Just kidding, Felipe :) Anyway, please know that our time spent at The Hotel Buenavista will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Thank you again for making it so memorable.


~Maggie Strunk

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