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Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort is a secluded paradise discovered and rediscovered every day, every year, by both new and returning guests. It’s a wonderful oasis to live in, if only for a few days, or weeks. Maybe that is why it has earned the name of Jewel of the East Cape – a jewel that after 35 years, has become priceless.

It started in the mid-1950s by Mexican General Agustin Olachea, Mexico’s Chief of Arms and subsequently two-time governor of the State of Baja California Sur (still a territory at that time). He discovered a unique place, somewhere between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, where he decided he and his family would spend much of their time. These grounds, located on the eastern side of the Baja Peninsula, known today as the East Cape, became the perfect spot for the General to build a Mexican Hacienda, taking advantage of the hot spring water that flows under the property into the Sea of Cortez. He enjoyed it for many years.

During the decade of the 1970's, a young entrepreneur named Jesus “Chuy” Valdez from La Paz was working in the growing Mexican tourism industry. Being involved in a variety of tourism positions, his vision and ambition of becoming a pioneer in the industry made him struggle to pursue his dream of hosting foreign tourists coming to discover Mexico and Baja.

He was looking for a place relatively undiscovered, the perfect getaway, a place that would offer him and local tourists a different and more exciting adventure. He fell in love with the East Cape, and, although it was not very far, it was unique and different from La Paz and Cabo San Lucas.

In October, 1976 Chuy began what would be his greatest accomplishment: he rented the old General Olachea's Hacienda. He saw enormous potential, the area's natural resources – fishing, diving, whale watching, birding, hiking and more. Soon, adventuresome anglers and unconventional tourists began to realize that. He then founded a modest fishing club of 13 rooms for anglers mainly from California. Throughout a period of financial obstacles, he managed to buy the property, and as tourism grew, so did the small fishing club; and with it, the growing desire of its guests wanting to return.

As Cabo San Lucas was awakening to the buzz of thousands of tourists, Buena Vista kept the old, quiet, authentic Mexican charm. And still does.

As time passed, this small fishing resort kept its well-known good fishing and personal touch as well as its loyal guests. And the Valdez Family kept its sense of hospitality.

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