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Fishing Statistics

There is a natural cycle to the sport of fishing distinguished by moon phases, water temperatures and other factors. To help you make the best trip planning decisions, we have prepared a chart that we hope gives you your best shot at your target species. In addition, if you require specific information on a year-by-year basis, we have meticulously recorded all of the catch data from our fleet beginning in the year 2000 and continuing every year since then. We have included monthly totals by species, annual totals as well as catch-and-release percentages for every species and all billfish.

All this is designed to provide our guests with the information you need to plan your visit to Buenavista Beach Resort to coincide with optimum dates. The bite times do fluctuate somewhat and that should be factored into your decision.

Batteling a roosterfish from shore, one of the many adventures fly fishing at East Cape

Fishing Logos

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