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Fleet & Fishing Services

Fishing Trips

A boat ready to leave the dock

Full Day Trips

Our fishing trips begin at 7:00 a.m. and return between 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. depending on the location of the fish, which can be as close in as a few miles or up to 50 miles. Normally the trips are less than 30 miles. Additional fishing time can be arraigned for a nominal fee per hour.

Half Day Trips

Half day trips are available throughout the year based on availability. Unlike the full day trips, you cannot make reservations prior to your arrival, but they can easily be booked once you arrive at the resort. These trips depart at 7:00 a.m. and return at 11:00 am. The cost is 70% of the full day rate.This is an excellent option for anglers who prefer to eat lunch comfortably back at the resort with access to the full menu.

These trips are also a great choice for anglers fishing alone for whatever reason – we would not want you to miss out on an opportunity to fish! Normally, the fishing areas covered on these trips are less extensive than the full day ones but we are sure you will still enjoy the experience.

Night Fishing

You will need to be ready for an off-shore fly fishing at East Cape Los Cabo

There are two options: for night fishing. You can hire a guide and fish from the beach or you can book a trip on one of our cruisers.

Night-time beach fishing is available throughout the year and consists of visiting many of the reefs along our coast under a star filled sky. Come see for yourself why beach fishing has become so popular in recent years. Your professional guide will teach you the art of this style of fishing and will also transport you to the most likely fishing hot spots for that evening. These six-hour trips normally leave the resort between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. This adventurous trip has been growing in popularity, particularly with our hardcore anglers.

The second way to fish at night is on one of our cruises. This tour is only available during the summer months and for a maximum of six people departing at 5:00 p.m. and returning at 9:00 p.m. This service is also subject to boat availability and can only be booked once you arrive at the resort. You will visit several reefs just a short distance from the resort and it offers a variety of bottomfish as target. These are not trolling trips; they are for bottomfishing and another great option for mixing up your fishing experiences.

Fishing from Puerto Los Cabos

Stripped Marlin one of the main species off shore for fly fishing at East Cape

This new jumping off point has been added to give you even more fishing options. Hopping on one of our cruisers from Puerto Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo gives you the opportunity to fish hot spots further down the coast such as the famous Gordo Banks, Iman and the 95 Spot. You’ll have new waters to explore since these are out of reach for boats departing from the East Cape. It can also be a great alternative in the winter, as the area is better protected from the prevalent north winds. So a vacation from the cold, rain and snow up north in the winter now makes even more sense.

Book a trip with us from here during the winter months and enjoy a comfortable fishing trip with no wind, good fishing and a chance to view some of natures other wonders – our winter whales.

For this trip you’ll depart from the resort at 5:30 a.m. and be driven to San Jose del Cabo, where the new marina is. Once onboard, you will fish from six to eight hours, return to the marina’s fillet tables where we’ll prepare your catch to bring back and then return to the resort.

About the Buenavista Fleet

With both traditional super pangas and a fleet of cruisers, anglers are able to select the perfect platform for whatever style fishing they prefer. Conventional, spinning and fly-fishing are all easily accommodated. The size and variety of our fleet allows us to offer a selection of charter rates to fit everyone's budget. Our captains and mates are all well trained professionals that speak English and have chosen sportfishing as a career, following in their fathers and grandfathers footsteps. Below is a brief description of each of the charters, the captains and the daily cost.

When making your resort reservations you can also reserve the charter of your choice (full day charters only) assuming it is available. If however upon your arrival, for reasons beyond our control, the charter or captain you have reserved is not available we will assign another similar charter for you. If you have any questions mention them to our reservation staff.

All Charter Rates are subject to 16% tax on Cruisers and Pangas.

Dottie B II $900 USD/DAY

  • 32'
  • Albermarle Twin engine 380HP Cummins
  • Vicente Cosio
  • Vicente is a very technically minded captain, once you get to know him you’ll want to fish with him every time.

Dusty BII $690 USD/DAY

Señorita Bonita
  • 29'
  • Blackfin Twin engine 315HP Cummins
  • Mario Lucero
  • Mario is very methodical as well as knowledgeable and seldom far from the bite.

Liliana $690 USD/DAY

  • 29'
  • Phoenix Twin engine 210HP Cummins
  • Marcos Yepiz
  • Marcos is respected by his peers, always seems to be in the right place at the right time and the flags on his outriggers prove it.

Careleste $690 USD/DAY

  • 29'
  • Phoenix Twin engine 270HP Cummins
  • Julio Cota
  • Julio learned fishing from his father which gives him an excellent local knowledge base. He spent years working with his dad Chayo as Deckhand.

Vagabundo $690 USD/DAY

  • 29'
  • Phoenix Twin engine 270HP Cummins
  • Rosario "Chayo" Cota
  • Chayo and his brother have worked very hard to get where they are today and consistently hunt down the best fishing the East Cape has to offer.

Alegria $690 USD/DAY

  • 29'
  • Phoenix Twin engine 270HP Cummins
  • Juan "Mickey" Garcia
  • Juan is one of the most sought after captains in our fleet. Racking up more days on the water than most, he’s earned his reputation as one of the best there is.

Marlintini $690 USD/DAY

  • 28'
  • Californian Flybridge Cruiser 315HP Cummins
  • Chicho Cota
  • Long time East Cape Captain, with over 30 years experience fishing the waters of the East Cape.(Speaks English)

3 Hermanos $590 USD/DAY

3 Hermanos
  • 28'
  • Californian Single engine 315HP Cummins
  • Miguel Angel Sandez
  • Miguel known as “Pollo” always blends an aggressive fishing style with an easy going manner and smile.He maneuvers the single screwed boat better than most do twin screws.

Yanet $590 USD/DAY

  • 28'
  • Californian Single engine 315HP Cummins
  • Felipe Ruiz
  • Felipe is recognized as one of the finest in all the East Cape. He has a remarkable list of repeat clients, all of which consider themselves to be old friends if not family.

Regina $315 USD/DAY

  • 23'
  • Super Panga Outboard engine 90HP Johnson
  • Victor Sandez.
  • Victor is our fly fishing expert and matched with the Mosca, the fleet’s redesigned panga to accommodate fly casting, will have you crowing in no time.

Fishing Gear

Assorted lures for the spread

All boats are equipped Okuma Makairas and Catalinas and Penn international reels filled with 60-, 40 -, 30- and 20-pound test line. All terminal tackle is included. Neither spinning reels nor surf rods are available; however you are welcome to bring your own.

With today’s hassle of bringing rod tubes on planes, we recommend you pack light and only bring your reels. You are also welcome to store your equipment with us for your next visit and save yourself the airline hassle completely.

Beach Fishing Gear is available for rent at $15. per day

Dry Dock Services

Expanding on our offer to store your fishing gear while you’re away, we now also offer Dry Dock Services. With three different packages to choose from, we’re sure there’s one package meant just for you. Each comes with the free use of water and electricity, launches and a number of other services.


When you board your boat, the captain will introduce himself and his deckhand. He will explain the fishing opportunities available that day and based on the fish you want to target, recommend the bait needed. There may be several choices available including mackerel, caballito, little jacks or mullet, sardina or frozen ballyhoo. These are purchased by you from the pangueros with cash and the cost is approximately $20.00 to $35.00.

Tips to the crew

One of the most commonly asked questions by our guests is regarding fishing tips for the crew and the answer is based on two factors. One is the service you received and the other is what you had as your trip perspective. Given this and assuming a normal day of a regular fishing, the customary average tip is 15% of the cost of your boat. Generally speaking this would be a tip between $65 to $100 depending on the type of boat and the price you paid for it. The money is then shared equally between the captain and deckhand. In case you feel one of the crew member deserves more, you simply hand it to them separately from the original tip.

Fish Cleaning and Packing

When you return from your trip our dock master will greet you and ask what you wish to do with your catch. Your fish will be cleaned and then either packaged and frozen or vacuum sealed and frozen. You may also choose to have some or all of it smoked.When departing just remember to be at the Front Desk a half hour before check-out in order to retrieve your fish to pack for travel. Other options to consider: Let us prepare some of your fresh catch for dinner; a “must”experience you ought to try during your stay.

On-board Lunches and drinks

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort offers box lunches and drinks for your fishing adventure. Lunch and drink orders are made a night before your expedition. You can either come into the El Pescador Bar between 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. or someone will greet you at your dinner table and take your order for the following day. If it is your first day, you will need to get your fishing license, you can either do it at this time or in the morning before boarding your boat. Lunch choices include burritos, sandwiches or salads along with cookies, chips, fruit, sodas, water and beer. Everything will be on your assigned boat the next morning.

We Support a Catch-and-Release Philosophy

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort believes strongly in conserving our natural resources, and supports the Worldwide Billfish Foundation’s catch-and-release program. In fact, 85% of our bill-fish are released to fight another day (more than 1,100 this past year alone). Hotel Buenavista anglers that release a fish are rewarded with a special patch, signifying their commitment to the program.

Fishing Logos

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