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City Tours

San José del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo mission

With a population of about 75,000, there’s plenty to do . . . and see! Visit the La Playita native community and the charming town square of San Jose del Cabo including Mission San José del Cabo, founded in 1730. You’ll see City Hall, art galleries, and residential areas. Rio San Jose was a source of fresh water for Spanish galleons traveling to and from the Philippines.

Sample varieties of Tequila, the national drink of Mexico (but you already knew that!), and learn how it is made. We'll end the day with a lovely dinner at an excellent Mexican seafood restaurant while soaking up the ambience of San Jose del Cabo. (A 90 minute drive and a 5 hour tour).

Cabo San Lucas

A trip to lovers beach is a must when you visit Cabo San Lucas

Located at the tip of the 1,000 mile long Baja Peninsula, there’s Lands End, where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez; at Cabo San Lucas Marina there are multi-million dollar pleasure yachts and tournament marlin boats. Take a glass bottom boat, visit pelican rock and the sea lion colony. Visit the glass blowing factory, the old tuna cannery and oldest hotel in Los Cabos.

Visit the dolphin aquarium – maybe one of those charming creatures will smile at you – then browse the shops downtown for that just right souvenir. So much to see . . . so much to do! (A 90 minute drive from the hotel and an 8 hour tour. If requested, you can also visit San Jose.)

Todos Santos

A traditional street and building in Todos Santos

Founded as a Mission in 1724, the sleepy village of Todos Santos (All Saints) is centered around an oasis. Once a major sugar cane producer, today, its church, theater, cultural center, museum and historic buildings are remarkably preserved and open for you to enjoy. Recognized throughout all of Mexico as a major “artist colony,” you’ll see every form of creativity from the artists and craftsmen in the area.

The surrounding fields are filled with colorful and pungent pablano chilies and avocados; there are mango orchards in the shadow of the Laguna Mountains. Add to this several New York Times-reviewed restaurants, galleries and clothing shops all walkable in a few hours. (90 minutes from the hotel and an 8 hour tour.)

La Paz

The famous malecon of La Paz, the capitol of Baja California Sur

With a population exceeding 250,000, it is hard to believe that the area was originally inhabited by Neolithic hunter-gatherers who left rock paintings near the city and throughout the Baja peninsula about 10,000 years ago. The modern era began on May 3, 1535 with the arrival Heran Cortes; and subsequently in 1596 when Sebastian Vizcaino gave it the name.

Featured in many John Steinbeck’s writings, the State Capitol of La Paz seems more like Europe or perhaps Argentina. There are breathtaking historic museums and the magnificent waterfront malecon to enjoy a romantic sunset. Shop for authentic Mexican arts and crafts or dine at one of the fabulous fine restaurants. (A 90 minute drive from the hotel; an 8 hour tour).

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